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Yoga & Art workshop for families

de Creative & wellness

Edad 3 Años - 7 Años

Fecha 29/09/2023

Idiomas Inglés - Castellano

Categorías Yoga y bienestar -

Horario 16:15 - 17:15

Precio 15 €

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Sobre el evento

This is a workshop specially crafted for children aged 3 to 6, along with their parents or caregivers. This immersive experience is designed to not only enhance your family's physical well-being but also to ignite creativity, self-expression, and deeper connections.

Workshop Goals:

Yoga Delight: Introduce children to the fundamentals of yoga in an engaging and accessible


Family Bonding: Strengthen family connections through shared activities that promote trust and communication.

Creative Expression: Cultivate self-expression and creativity through the mediums of art and dance.

Mindful Living: Embrace mindfulness and relaxation practices that benefit both children and adults.

Workshop Structure:

Welcome Circle: Begin the day with a warm and inviting introduction to the exciting activities ahead.

Dance Warm-Up: Engage in lively and enjoyable dance warm-up activities suitable for both children and adults.

Yoga Adventure: Embark on an interactive yoga journey tailored to children, featuring playful animal poses, enchanting storytelling, and joyful movement.

Music Exploration: Explore a world of sounds as children and parents experiment with various musical instruments, nurturing creativity and rhythm.

Partner Poses: Strengthen trust and communication as parents and children team up for enjoyable and balancing yoga poses.

Art Station: Unleash your family's artistic spirit at our creative station, equipped with a plethora of art supplies for drawing, painting, and crafting.

Relaxation: Conclude the day's activities with guided relaxation exercises that encourage everyone to unwind and find inner peace.

Closing Circle: Reflect on the day's experiences and share the joy and connections that have blossomed within your family.

Materials Needed:

Comfortable attire suitable for movement.

Yoga mats (if available).

A Willingness to Connect and Have Fun: Come prepared to engage, bond, and have a blast as a family.


This beautiful workshop guarantees a memorable and enriching experience that will bring your family closer together, kindle creativity, and foster deep connections. Join me for a day filled with laughter, movement, and shared moments of togetherness. Your family's journey towards holistic well-being starts here!

For more info and reservation please contact: 34 661192530 WhatsApp

Thank you!

Warm regards

Valentina Freifeld

Yoga teacher for kids

Art Therapist

Yoga & Pilates instructor 



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